The Open Organisation of Lockpickers (Toool) is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 34185673.

Its board members are Jos Weyers (President), Jan-Willem Markus (Secretary) and Holly Poer (Treasurer).


At Toool we prefer to communicate via e-mail. Please mail us at if you have questions about our hobby, the meetings, technical issues, media inquiries, presentations or what else is on your mind. Please note: we are Toool Netherlands. If you have questions about Toool US or their shop (we do not have a shop), please contact Toool US and not us.

It you would like to attend a gathering, please submit your motivation and a bit of your background via e-mail to either or, depending on which gathering you would like to attend.

Bank account

Rabobank Arnhem
IBAN NL 96 RABO 0108 0652 51